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Peloxy Ltd is a disposable coverall manufacturer in Turkey. Disposable coveralls are used in Medical and industrial areas to protect human body

The emergence of disposable coverall from advances in technology and materials, resulting in durable and lightweight non-woven fabrics. This filter cloth is filterable or impervious to windows, comfortable enough and cheap to wear, and is disposable. Special fabrics are widely used in disposable protective clothing or clothing such as coats, gowns, suits and shoe covers to prevent common workplace hazards and dirt. When employees do not want grease or dust on their clothes, they may use disposable coats for household chores or in a more dangerous situation when working with chemicals or other substances.

Workers under light load conditions can choose to use a lightweight and economical polypropylene spunbond disposable coating to prevent dust and direct and accidental smoke. The most common use of this type of disposable coverall is in dusty environments such as cleaning, sanding, dirty maintenance work, grain and mill operations or light colored paint. The apron is worn on people’s clothes and has a zipper on the front. Some bodysuits provide extra protection in flexible closure of wrists and ankles while others are open. Choose the method that best suits the situation and the best degree of protection.

Turkish Disposable Coverall Manufacturer Peloxy Ltd.
Turkish Disposabe Coverall Manufacturer Peloxy Ltdç

In processing and production facilities such as food and chemical processors, oil refineries and pulp and paper mills, products such as DuPont protective clothing can provide a higher level of protection. These coatings use Tyvek coated polyethylene fabric to provide additional resistance and prevent light liquids and chemical splashes. Bright yellow can provide contrast to a variety of natural backgrounds, so it has a high reputation in the workplace. Lightweight fabric is durable, tear and abrasion resistant. Dust guards can be an important choice in these environments.

For coatings, general maintenance, dry powder chemical applications, construction, automotive, fiberglass, agriculture, food processing, environmental cleaning and sandblasting applications, industrial users can use disposable coatings that provide a higher level of protection against drying particles. And a small amount of liquid was spilled. These protective covers cannot guarantee that harmful substances will not come into contact with the skin, but they can effectively remove most liquids and harmless particles. The most popular version of the disposable jacket is Tyvek, manufactured by DuPont. However, products manufactured by other companies have performed well today. A hooded disposable jacket may be better if workers do a lot of cleaning and use degreasers or similar chemicals. Combined with safety glasses, hard hats and other safety equipment, users can work more comfortably and safely.

Disposable coverall manufacturin process start with premium quality materail sellection and finished with latest quality control operation

Advances in disposable clothing technology have allowed people to provide workers with additional comfort and protection at an affordable cost. It makes sense to use this technique.


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