Important impacts of playground design


The importance of the third dimension in design and the presence of design components. That it can navigate and experience can be considere as an important design criterion in terms of triggering the imagination of children. In this context, repetition of three-dimensional elements that will be thematically included in the design, for example rod forest etc. The thematic areas that will be create with this provides an important opportunity to enrich the design


It is an important element that designs are design in such a way. That children can experience their own stories and that they give flexibility. As the stories increase, the sharing, social integration, learning by seeing and telling skills will improve. Consequently, designing designs as places that produce stories can consider as an important criterion that will direct design fiction.


Informal design versus formal design is one of the issues that have discuss recently in the design agenda. Informal designs tend to reveal the local characteristics of the area, support the participation of the local people. Maintain and maintain, and more precisely, they can communicate and adopt with the local people.

it is shape through an attitude that includes flexible forms and uses. It is an important criterion that, in addition to the program design determined by the designer in children’s playground designs. Informal designs are include, and the child offers the flexibility to design his / her own playground.


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