The design of playgrounds

The design and paint of playgrounds and playgrounds should be of interest to children.


Security standards prevent the game equipment from being manufactured as desired.However, safety standards should be prioritized in children’s playground equipment.In order to ensure the effective use of children and equipment and prevent accidents.

Whether or not they are interesting in the preference of children to play with play materials in the playgrounds is effective.

Because children want their play equipment to be interesting, available in different colors, designs and for different purposes. A rough terrain for children is more interesting than flat terrain .

Use of Space

It is important how and by whom space is used in children’s playgrounds. It is important for both families and children that a space can be used for more than one purpose. Children need flexible spaces and materials that they can make and change themselves.

The attractiveness of children’s playgrounds is not new, but it gives children the power to do different creative activities. Designed with natural materials, hills and pits, the playground allows children to engage in different activities and play games, enhances their creativity.

Integration with Nature

There is a greater need for playgrounds that will allow children between four walls to get to know and discover nature through the urbanization process. Scattered areas, sand, water, hand-crafted natural materials, leaves and cones are the most basic materials for children’s games.

The functional properties of plants should be taken into consideration. In greening in children’s playgrounds, environmental and climatic conditions should be taken into consideration. While broad-leaved trees canopy in summer, they shed their leaves in winter and allow the playground to benefit from sunlight.

Plants used at suitable height and intensity in children’s playgrounds, besides noise control. Clean the dirty air by absorbing some harmful gases and holding dust particles. They can also be used as a safety barrier around some gaming equipment used in the venue.

The presence of small-flowered areas in the children’s playground will make the children recognize flowers while giving them great pleasure. Prickly, poisonous plants should not be included in children’s playgrounds.


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