Outdoor playgrounds

According to some beliefs it is better to play in outdoor playgrounds . The common belief of child psychologists and physicians is that playing in indoor spaces. Devoid of outdoors affects children’s mental, physical and social development negatively.

For this reason, organizations such as the National Association for the Protection of Children from Violence (NNSPCC). Call on local governments to create well-designed park areas where children can play safely .

Playgrounds differ in their age groups, formal structures, visuals and competencies. Children’s playgrounds can be examined in terms of features such as location, attraction. Use of space, integration with nature and safety.


The place to be chosen as a children’s playground should be easily and safely accessible in a short time. By car or pedestrian from all living units. Surrounding schools. It should be able to get as long as possible in the winter, in the afternoon and after the sun, in the summer in the afternoon, it should be shaded and airy.

Children’s playgrounds should allow more children to be able to coexist and play free and regular games (such as rope and ball games) comfortably. Children’s playgrounds should be large and safe to accommodate play materials that will appeal to different age groups.

The area should generally be visible in many places and children should be watched by adults. Incorrect location choices involve many risks such as safety and accidents. However, rough terrains can be used for special designs in large playgrounds .

The slope of the land, exposure to sunlight, infrastructure services, and transportation facilities are important criteria to be considered when designing a playground.


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